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Sexy Self-Love Ritual Pack

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 Tapping into your own sexuality, and using it for real magic, is NOT something women have been nurtured in doing.

Quite the opposite, in fact. Our sexuality has been vilified for a long time. It's been used to humiliate us. It’s been systemically used against us by our legal & education systems.

It’s been weaponised by 20th century consumerism, which both fuels and is fuelled by the patriarchy.

Generations of young girls were never taught about their own sexual pleasure in school (much less guided by their own mothers or elders, who in turn carried their own trauma around it).

Boys were taught about what happens ‘down there,’ and what it means for them in becoming men. But girls? We were only taught menstruation is what ‘makes us a woman.’

NO ONE celebrated our sexual awakening in the modern world, much less taught us its huge connection to magic & womanhood.

Until NOW that is - this pack is all about tapping into YOUR inherent magic. Because Sex Magic - whether in a couple, throuple, or solo - is some of the most powerful magic there is. 

This pack includes:

* A set of self-love ritual cards with original goddess artwork and recipes

* Ingredients for the self-love ritual (mandarin oil, roses and crystal chips)

* A mini-vibrator (along with an insanely cool FREE offer on some full-sized toys, valued at over $100, from our friends at Adult Toy Mega Store)

* A Self-love candle