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Egyptian Symbols Deck

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Created and published by High Priestess, this exclusive playing-deck sized pack of 25 Egyptian symbols and sigils isn't available anywhere else in the world! Printed on a heavy, linen cardboard, the cards are gorgeous to hold.

This deck can be used in a number of ways:

For divination: Ask a question and pull a card (or cards) for an answer
As a focus for meditation practice:
1. Pull a card
2. Sit with the image for a few moments, looking at it
3. Close your eyes and see the image in your minds eye
4. Meditate on the image

As a focus for ritual work:
1. Pull a card, place it on your altar.
2. Stare at the card, letting your eyes go soft and out of focus.
3. Breathe deeply in and out.
4. Continue to stare at the card in this trance state – each time your eyes focus,
bring them gently back to softness and out of focus. Take note of what you see,
feel, hear and think.